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Scot Stewart • Creative Director

Scot has been producing broadcast television and independent video for almost 30 years with much of that experience coming as Creative Director for network television affiliates.  Scot's production work has earned him numerous broadcast production awards including Best Commercial Spot of the year and Best Promotional Campaign of the year.

Scot was born and raised in Western Colorado.  It was in 1976 that Scot realized his love for film.  The second he stepped foot out of the theater where Rocky was playing, he knew he wanted to be part of creating films that would trigger the emotion he was feeling at the moment. 9 years later, Scot graduated from Central High School in Grand Junction, CO. and shortly thereafter joined the Army Reserve, hoping to use his GI Bill to attend Film School.

In 1989, Scot packed a bag of clothes and moved to Northern California in hopes to start a career in filmmaking.  Scot spent 3 years in the Northern California area, attending the Film/Video Production Program at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA.  There he began to learn the craft of telling compelling and engaging stories.  It was Scot's opportunity to work on the sets of Terminator 2 and Raising Cain that solidified his love of filmmaking and set his career in motion.  in 1992, Scot moved to the Southern California area to pursue his career closer to Hollywood, the film capitol of the world.  


It was the birth of Scot's son Jacob in 1996 and the desire to raise him near family that triggered the decision to pack the U-Haul and move back to his home town of Grand Junction, Colorado. Once back home, Scot found opportunities in the Creative Services field of the Broadcast Television industry.  Scot has spent nearly 20 years as the Creative Services Director for the major network affiliates.  Scot now works full time with InFilms & Design where he produces videos for clients all over the country including recently working as the Director of Photography on a music video for the Grammy Award winning band Great White.  InFilms & Design resources were used to shoot the principal photography on the project.  The video can be seen below.

As Creative Director, Scot is a great asset and associate of InFilms and Design.

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