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Media Production

InFilms & Design is a collection of creative individuals with many combined years of telling stories through sound and picture, from classic Hollywood productions to broadcast television commercials and everything in-between.  Whether you're marketing a product or service or tugging at the heartstrings with a beautiful story, InFilms & Design will us a plethora of expertise and the latest in media technology to, not only achieve your communications goals but make you look good doing it.

At InFilms & Design, we break projects into 2 phases.  Phase 1 is project development. We help you concept your project within a Development Budget. Once your concept is approved, phase 2 is completion of your project within a Production Budget.

InFilms & Design's complete production package consists of state-of-the-art 4k and 1080p Digital Cine Cameras,  4k Arial Imaging Drones, Dollies, Jib and a complete grip and lighting package suitable for studio and field production.

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